Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking


Smoking is a nasty habit, everyone knows this. What everyone doesn’t know is how they can learn to quit smoking. Unfortunately, quitting is much harder than starting, as uncomfortable as that might of been. There is good news though. Science and medicine are constantly inventing new ways to help old addicts kick the habit. Some of these ideas work much better than others and at the end of the day it really depends on the person.

You have nicotine gum, which is a very familiar product to a lot of smokers. The idea behind nicotine gum is very simple, when you chew the gum, it releases a small dose of nicotine into the system. This has its advantages and its drawbacks. One problem with the gum is the slow and small rate at which the nicotine is introduced into the body.

Nicotine patches are slightly more efficient, but still not the best option. A nicotine patch is, again, a very simple item. You place the patch on your arm and it releases a slow stream of nicotine into the bloodstream. There is more nicotine than you will find in the gum, but it still reaches the body very slowly.

Finally, you have electronic cigarettes. These are the ideal quit-smoking tool for a lot of reasons. First, they help you actually emulate the process of smoking. You can hold a small tube to the mouth and it feels very much like you are actually smoking a cigarette. This helps with people who crave that feeling.

The next advantage of the electronic cigarette is the rate at which the nicotine reaches the blood: instantly. It is exactly like smoking a real cigarette, but none of the nasty side effects. There is no real tobacco in e-cigs, only water and nicotine. This is a great quit-smoking product for all.

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