My Ecig Experience

I Read Up About Electronic Cigarettes

I knew that something was not right last month when during one of my coughing fits, up came a bit of blood. Being a guy means that we usually ignore anything medical related, but when I told my wife she went crazy on me, and so I ended up going to the hospital.

I suppose I was lucky that the tests came up negative for anything serious, but it was a very worrying time while I was waiting for them. The fact that I had been smoking for the last 20 or so years made thoughts of cancer and death pass through my mind.

So when I was told it was a chest infection it was somewhat of a relief. It gave me one massive kick up the backside though, and I went home and started to look online for information about electronic cigarettes. I read all that I could, and then I ordered one online.

It arrived the next day, which was good as it meant my willpower was still strong. Since then I have been using the e cig and no longer touch the real ones. I already feel better for it, and hopefully I will have no more frights.